• New Zealand
  • Hiking the Tongariro Crossing: The Ultimate Mordor Experience

    Most New Zealand travelers can be divided into two groups: the ones that hiked the Tongariro Crossing and the ones that wanted to hike it. The Tongariro Crossing is one of the most beautiful hikes (in the world?) and rightfully part of the Nine Great Hikes. Its most famous feature is Mt. Ngauruhoe which is better known as Mount Doom from the Lord of the Ring trilogy. If it’s not on your must-do list for New Zealand yet, get a pen right now and fix it!

  • Europe
  • Dos and Don’ts: A quick guide to Swiss culture

    I admit it, we Swiss are a strange people. Sometimes I joke that we’re the only landlocked island nation in the world. Although we’re surrounded by other nations, we could just as well be on a different planet. That’s why many people feel alienated when they visit Switzerland. If you understand the dos and don’ts in this quick guide to Swiss culture, you’ll surely find that we can be as sweet as our chocolate.